Mexico City tours

Crafted by local certified guides to give you real adventures & the very best things to do in Mexico city!

Our Mexico City tours will take you to areas of the city that are hidden gems treasured by locals and most of them are not even in the most specialized guidebooks. Your local guide will lead you to all the most traditional and amazing upcoming local hotspots so you find the best things to do in Mexico City, places that only a true locals would go hang out. Our Mexico City tours are designed to help you explore fascinating concepts, eat unbelievable food, and discover the local stories behind this colorful and busy city, so that you experience and enjoy an authentic impression of life in Mexico City. Our Mexico City day tours are so diverse so you can learn and feel like a true prehispanic citizen in our Teotihuacan tour or become an expert in wrestling with our Lucha Libre tour, endless possibilities in a city that welcomes everyone!

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Mexico City tours, Teotihuacan tours, Teotihuacan pyramid of the sun

Mexico City tours

things to do in Mexico City

Just 48 kilometers outside of Mexico City lies one of Mesoamerica’s greatest mysteries Teotihuacan that means “birthplace of the gods” Experience climbing the outstanding Pyramid of the Sun, an outstanding ceremonial experience and tasting of xoconostle, pulque, mezcal and tequila.

Put your wrestler mask on and cheer at a real lucha libre freestyle wrestling match, enjoy and sing your heart out to the sounds of Mariachi and other Mexican rhythms at Garibaldi square, grab some drinks and enjoy some of the best tacos you’ve ever eaten.

Our Historical center tour will take you from beautiful french palaces and historic spanish buildings all the way to Aztec Ruins, discovering exotic prehispanic food and beautiful hand crafted products by local artisans. All of this in the oldest and most culturally rich neighborhood in Mexico City.

In our coyoacan tour we will explore this Colonial and bohemian neighborhood that for a long time was the favorite for Mexican and foreign intellectual society place to live.



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This tour is focused in a personalized experience for you and the people you love the most such as family or friends. Our tour guide will be always focused on your needs, interests and timing. Our private tours fee is 150 Dlls if you want to go by yourself or if you want to take other 2 people, If you want to buy a private tour for more than 3 people, write us @ and we will make it happen! 
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Many may know a general aspect of Mexico, but the true Mexico, the true flavor, the true colors and melodies are only for those who explore, Mexico is beautiful, let us show you how much!

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We had a fantastic time with Miguel and he really helped us to understand the history and the culture of México. So we recommend Miguel to everyone who would like to explore México and to get special insider tips! Miguel, thanks again and hope to see u soon


Berlin, Germany
Miguel is amazing. He Is extremely knowledgeable about Mexico City and surrounding areas. Not only did we see some cool sites, but we learned incredible history & got to truly experience different parts of Mexico. The love and passion Miguel has for Mexico, his work and for all people is evident when you are with him. If you want the experience of a lifetime with one of the most fun loving, kind-hearted people, go with Miguel. Guaranteed... you'll have an adventure...lots of great laughs and probably a new life-long friend in Miguel. Thanks Miguel!!


Mexico City, Mexico
I met Mike in 2012, and I keep calling him whenever I visit the city. always find new information with him, you learn so much, from history, sports, I met 3 of the football stadiums, will take you to the best local food places I have recommended it to many people and they have all been extremely satisfied with their excellent service.

Audy Robles

Los Angeles, California